Just Imagine Photography Yakima

About Me: Hi, my name is Rachelle Erickson, I am a photography student at the Art Institute’s online division working towards my bachelor’s degree in photography. I love to learn as much as I can about pretty much anything art related and, getting a degree in something I love just seemed like the logical choice. I have five children (six if you count my dear husband) who have mastered the ability to immediately strike a pose when the camera is at my eye…so now I have to lie as say I’m just taking a “test shot” just to get the candid photos I love most. I have an artistic approach to my photography, and whether I’m taking photo of kids, families, seniors or even pets, my goal is to create a beautiful image that is different and unique. I love trying new editing techniques and staying on top of the latest trends in photography…without forgetting there is a time and place for traditional photography as well. I can’t wait to blend my vision and yours to create a piece of artwork you will treasure in your home.